stories are told, journeys are taken, life unveiled but mysteries remain…

‘Transformation’ is the name of the latest album of Farah Day. The process of changes in personal development and evolution is expressed in music and poetic lyrics.
The musical connection with musician/producer Lode de Roos brings not only music, they look for more media possibility’s to express. Working with video and Vj images sometimes during the show makes the experience of the sound and lyrics more intense.

The musical journey goes on and a new album  Reflections with a ‘What if the Moon bites back’ ( a new song) If we could stand on the moon do we then realise how beautiful planet Earth is? and how small we are in this big Universe? if everybody could have a trip to the moon would that changes us?

All we need is more Soul food, Farah Day 2017







Farah Day Vocals, flute, guitar
Lode de Roos Keys & synths, melodic, vocals, vocoder
Wolf Martini

George Pelupessy


acoustic & electronic percussion

New Reviews album ‘Transformation’ 2015/2016

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! – those are the 1st words that come to mind to describe Farah Day’s new album, “Transformation “. From the Coverart to the music to the vocals, she’s had Just that- A Transformation!


-Brandon Delagraentiss (The Voice of Holland )
” Farah Day heeft een album afgeleverd waarin de synthesis van singer songwriting, jazz, dance en r&b moeiteloos mengen.
Sterke composities, persoonlijke teksten, klankbeelden en ritmiek vormen samen een zeer fijne luister alsmede dansbare ervaring.
Farah, van oorsprong klassiek dwarsfluitiste en ik hebben al samen gespeeld, geimproviseerd op stukken in een gebied van Varése, het eerste modern klassiek tot jazz ensemble Emanon tot funk songs… Dat is een vrij breed gebied en illustreert haar veelzijdigheid en interesse in vooruitgang en ongeremdheid”

Kim Weemhoff  (drummer van oa Diesel, Candy Dulfer, Mathilde Santing, Cojones)



When I listen to music, it’s my heart that decides how and what I feel, and what I think about what I’m hearing. My heart will be the first judge of things, not my brains, they won’t have the last say. Well, my heart is light and happy when I listen to Farah’s music, the flow of her musical lines, and her lyrics speak to me. I find it all very tasteful. I already loved her compositions way back when she was my student. And that hasn’t changed one bit. Life is a constant travel, a discovery journey, a learning process. And Farah translated her journey into Music in a beautiful way, in her own personal style (which seems to be getting rarer in this day and age)wishing you an abundance of Joy and Success Farah, thank you for your Music!

Denise Jannah ( Blue note, Edison award jazz-singer)




Farah Day heeft met ‘Transformation’ een sterk en gevarieerd album uitgebracht. Samen met keyboarder Lode de Roos weet zij haar songs een eigen sound mee te geven. De uitgeveilde zang- en instrumentale arrangementen kenmerken de zorgvuldige werkwijze van het duo. Farah’s veelzijdige stem en de interpretatie van haar teksten maken van het album een muzikaal avontuur !

Chris Beckers ( Criscrazz Records)



My song on the radio in America !! how cool is that 🙂  Radio WIMR

Lyrics: Farah Day Music: Lode de Roos & Farah Day

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