Farah Day’s musical talent is diverse.  With her voice as well as her flute, she moves expressively and freely in the modern music of today.  Nu-jazz/soul, Trip-Hop, lounge/dance and Chill-0ut. This diversity results in fascinating and exciting creations.
With loops, electronical effects and accoustic instruments she mixes her own music. Her warm songs create a beautiful atmosphere with a jazzy soulfull sound. Through her background in jazz, classical- and worldmusic she knows how to add a personal sound that’s always recognizable as her own.

Farah Day is the pseudonym of Marijke Faber. At an early age she started singing and playing the guitar and flute.  At the conservatory of Utrecht/Hilversum she chose (classical) flute and jazzsinging as her main subjects. After achieving her diplomas she proceeded to further explore  jazz, worldmusic, free improvisation and electronical music such as dance, techno, lounge and trance. Her strengths lies mainly within improvisation and writing lyrics to different musical styles.
Thanks to her a background she easily alternates between different musical styles and she knows how to combine these to create her own unique sound.

A musical impression:
1999/2000:  Emanon Ensemble was formed: 20th century composition by for example Edgar Varese were combined with self written or arranged compositions.
With Farah Day on flute/vocals, Dirk Balthuis piano, classical guitar Cees Sax and on drums/percussions Kim Weemhoff.

2002/2003 Jazzband Starbase 4: performances with bandleader Ghasem Batamuntu and guest soloists such as Charley Green, Wolter Wierbos, Franky Douglas.
2004/2007 Farah Day and Friends play jazzlounge: in a.o. Bimhuis, Bellevue theatre, Dizzy’s Cafe, Pleintheater, Uitmarkt, on double/electric bass Johnny Tevreden, guitar Bas Mulder, drums/percussion/electrosounds Kim Weemhoff, trumpet Peter Huben.
After a year of touring with the band she makes a CD of her own compositions. A CD with beautiful, warm songs and profound lyrics, with modern arrangements of jazzy-lounge/trance sounds combined with accoustic instruments. Farah Day works closely with producer Jina Sumedi on this CD production.

2007: performances in Istanbul in the trendy nightclub 360 with Jina Sumedi and DJ Tekin. Interviews in various jazzmagazines and for radio.

2008: formation of Strawberryjam: a multimedia project, including a DJ with live musicians and visuals of visual artists and theatrical acts.
With this group of artists, sometimes in smaller formation, she plays at parties and clubs such as Sugar Factory, Lola’s, Chocolate club etc.

2008: Jazz4U came about through playing at jazzsessions. Jazzsongs by e.g. Cole Porter and Gershwin in a jazz-lounge arrangement.

2009: Chilly Palmer Grooveband: Farah was asked by guitarist Bas van Stenis to join his band. This led to a collaboration in which both the compositions of Bas and Farah can be heard on the Cd Chilly Groove

2009: LAB22: electro/jazz/pop. Also check
Together with Arjen Dijkstra and Randolph leClerck they made their own compositions. On stage they work with Abletone live and play over with previously recorded tracks, creating a full, exciting sound.
If you wish to see and hear more of Farah Day, please check Youtube Farahdaymarijke or LAB22Amsterdam.

2011 ‘Pulse’ een multimedia performance with percussionist/video/laptop Gilbert Breuer en dancer Martine Kennis tis project had several shows in Westerpark Kunstenhuis Amsterdam.

2012 Farah Day takes a pause and is writing a lot of new music that Leeds to a new start with producer/musician Lode de Roos from WestCoast Production

2013 FarahDay- (electro soul jazz ) with arranger/producer/piano Lode de Roos starting to work on the new album/app ‘Transformation’ release will be end of 2014.

2014/2015 Touring  with the new show ‘Transformation’  (look at the agenda and twitter/facebook)

In addition to performing Farah Day teaches vocals/jazzflute at Musicschool Amsterdam and at the Muziekcirkel-Westerpark. For more information: and  She organises workshops  vocal freedom and improvisation at The Musicschool Amsterdam department Oost and in Westerpark. (see also vocalcoach)